Should Higher Education be Available for Everyone?

Nowadays, education is important to sustain our life. Education has many positive impacts to the person, environment and even to the country we live in. Therefore, education should be highly considered to obtain. I personally believe that everyone should get any access to have higher education to give and obtain more values. Here are some values which may be experienced.

The equality to have a chance to get brighter future. There is also a powerful argument that university education should be free to ensure equality of opportunity. If students have to pay for university education, this may dissuade them. In theory, students could take out loans or work part-time, but this may be sufficient to discourage students from studying and instead may enter the job market earlier. Thus, the students with financial obstacles can achieve their dreams by attending higher education without any worries.

Higher education can increase the specialisation of work. High-educated workers face lower unemployment risk, earn higher wages, are presumably better informed and make wiser decisions than low-educated workers. Moreover, a high-skilled labor force may also foster economic growth through more productivity enhancing innovations and a better adoption of new technology (Greiff, 2013). Therefore, there is a greater need for skilled graduates who can contribute to these high-tech industries.

Higher educational background is one of categories of a developed country. According to (Rena, 2010), a well developed and equitable system of higher education that promotes quality learning as a consequence of both teaching and research is central for success in the emerging knowledge economy. It is widely acknowledged that education contributes significantly to economic development. Countries with high rates of university education generally have higher levels of innovation and productivity growth. Therefore, there is a justification for the government subsidising higher education.

Even though many people believe that higher education is privilege, but I believe that every education is a right for everyone.  Higher education is seen as a privilege and not a right, but not everyone has that privilege and the way higher education costs now, fewer people will be able to afford. Sure there’s aid, but it’s not enough to cover the rising costs without putting students into an insane amount of debt. There’s only a limited amount of money one can take out without having that extra stress in their lives, and not everyone can get their parents to pay or help take out loans.

I strongly believe that higher education will give us many benefits thus it should be available for everyone. Higher education is important to develop our own talents and preparing our future. Beside that, specialisation of work is also continuously developed and the country will be more valued when higher education is available for everyone.


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