[REVISED] Here is Your Future Internal Auditor

             Aisya Nurasari, one of my best friends during my study in the university. Even though I have known her for a year as my dorm mate, I know several of her personalities. As far I know from the day to day in university life, she is responsible, critical, hard-worker and good at teamwork. She also has a good grade in her study that can support her career in the future. Moreover, Aisya had ever shared about the job life that she wants for her career as being free. By those characteristics I know,  personally think Aisya is good to become internal auditor.

                My recommendation is going to be internal auditor. I personally believe that the responsible and critical person is good enough to become an internal auditor. Since internal auditor requires critical person, Aisya is good to observe and evaluate the problems that sometimes being hidden. When the problems occur, I think she can handle it until the problems are discovered and solved, because she always stays up until more than midnight in order to finishing the tasks. I believe Aisya will put much effort as usual like she does in every assignment she has. This is I refer as her responsible and hard worker character towards her job.

              Second, Aisya is free teamworker. She is good in working with a team, having a good grade, and wants a free working atmosphere. Aisya has many organizational experience, which means she shall be having no problem if she works as internal auditor. Because of working in a team, as an internal auditor, woman will be more free. Since for man auditor is more likely to be assigned to go overseas while the woman only works in the main office, that is the teamwork in order to assign the job. This offer may be interesting for Aisya. Additionally, up to now she already achieved a good grade which can help her to become easily in discussing with her team.

             Therefore by some reasons that I stated above, I suggest my friend, Aisya, to become internal auditor in the future. Hopefully, Aisya will consider my recommendation, if not, it is up to Aisya as long as it makes her enjoy in building her career.

Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3
Main Idea Responsible and critical person Free teamworker
Supporting points ·         Good to observe and evaluate

·         Always stays up in order to finishing tasks

·         Hard worker

·         Good in working with a team

·         Having good grade

·         Prefer being free


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