Here is Your Future Internal Auditor


Aisya Nurasari, one of my best friends during my study in the university. Even though I have known her for a year as my dorm mate, I know several of her personalities. As far I know from the day to day in university life, she is responsible, critical, hard-worker and good at teamwork. She also has a good grade in her study that can support her career in the future. Moreover, Aisya had ever shared about the job life that she wants for her career as being free. Here are the recommendation for Aisya from my own perspective.

My recommendation is going to be internal auditor. Why? I personally believe that the responsible and critical person is good enough to become an internal auditor. Since internal auditor requires critical person to observe and evaluate the problems that sometimes being hidden. When the problems occur, I think she can handle it until the problems are discovered and solved, because she always stays up until more than midnight in order to finishing the tasks. I believe Aisya will put much effort as usual like she does in every assignment she has. This is I refer as her responsible and hard worker character towards her job.

As an internal auditor, woman will be more free since for man auditor is more likely to be assigned to go overseas. This offer may be interesting for Aisya. Moreover, Aisya is often to work in team, which means she shall be having no problem if she works as internal auditor. Additionally, up to now she already achieved a good grade for accounting bachelor degree which is including auditing which may support her career as being internal auditor. However, I still do not know what certifications or any additional discipline subjects that she is going to take in the future. Thus, internal auditor may be suitable for her because it offers less knowledge than external auditor, that only for specific industry in the company that Aisya will work for.

Careers are so varied nowadays for woman. Selecting career may hard for some people because we need to match between our interests, the requirements and the responsibilities of the ideal job we have dreamed. Therefore by some reasons that I stated above, I suggest my friend, Aisya, to become internal auditor in the future. Hopefully, Aisya will consider my recommendation, if not, it is up to Aisya as long as it makes her enjoy in building her career.


10 thoughts on “Here is Your Future Internal Auditor

  1. Hello Aktivani!!
    It is really great to read your new post. It is well written. Although, there are some issues regarding to your writing.
    – Instead of “As far I know from the day to day in university life…”, it would be better “As far as I know from her everyday life…”
    – In “…the responsible and critical person is good enough…” would be better replaced with “…both responsible and critical character are important…”
    – Also, I think its better to replaced “woman” with “women” because maybe you can say it on behalf of us, women.
    Overall, your writing is fine and enjoyable to read, Aktivani!!


  2. Hi Aktivani! I really love your writing in this post, but I think maybe you should add some spaces in the front of every new paragraphs, and I think for the words “My recommendation is going to be internal auditor.” should be “My recommendation is she is going to be an internal auditor”. I think that’s all from me, I’ll let the other make revision from your writing.
    See you on your next posts;)


  3. Hi Iva! Thanks for your recommendation for me to be an internal auditor, I really like it 😉
    I enjoy your writings, you really know how to elaborate ideas and you really attention to detail. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your next post!


  4. Hello Iva!
    You have a great post in here. Except from what’s already pointed by the others, I think there’s nothing else that is wrong in your writing (I might missed something, but I’m quite sure that even there’s some mistake, it’s only a tiny mistake). Can’t wait for your next post! 😊


  5. Hi Ivaa!
    Such a wonderful post you make here. Love to see your writing. But I want to suggest you some ideas regarding your writing grammatical mistakes.

    “As far I know” >>> As far as I know
    “to finishing the tasks” >>>> to finish
    “Aisya is often to work in team,” >>>> often working in team
    “Selecting career may hard” >>>> may feels hard

    Overall your writing is good. Keep on writing ivaa. See you on your next post! 😀


  6. Hello Ivaaaa…
    Nice to see your new post!
    Overall, I think you have well constructed writing and easy to understand…
    In the third paragraph, If she works as internal auditor. You can add “an” become ” if she works as an internal auditor.”
    I think that’s all from me… and see yoou on the next post!


  7. Hii ivaa! As impressive as always! I don’t think I see any grammatical error other than what our friends already mention above. Overall, I love your writings style. You put the perfect title for the post and your main ideas and supported ideas are clearly stated.
    Great job va! See you on your next post 😉


  8. Hi Iva,
    I acn understand your writing because yoe explain clear ideas.
    You Write ‘…..because she always stays up until more than midnight in order to finishing the tasks.’ I think it will better to write ‘….because she always stays up to midnight in order to finishing the tasks.’
    Can’t wait your next post !


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