Having university life which exhausting and quite boring triggers me to have high intention to go home. Especially for doing some activities that I love but I may not be able doing at dormitory -the place I most spend my time. Here are what the most preferable to do(s) in my own version:

#1: Read! Read! Read!

Books! A word describe many things inside of them. I should admit that I don’t have many books such as novels and textbooks on my bookshelf but I can ensure 90% of them are read. Fiction books entertain me with their magical stories and even sometimes bring me to the world that I have never imagined before. Carrying us to other place that my own foots may never have chance to touch down there. In other words, seems like they invite us to have an adventure. Not only fiction but also, as I have grown up, books that contains any motivation may challenge me to have better step forward.  Life goes unpredictably, in consequence occurring people become demotivated, as simple as when the laziness is suddenly passed by, we never realize that we need to have motivation. External motivation can be taken from the book I read, for me especially. In addition, when I need a books I also check the New York Times Bestseller just to get know what thebooks that are being hyped. If I am interested, I will go buy them. Last, if you guys have goodreads account, kindly follow me then! xx (goodreads: aktivaninaza)

/some of books in my room/

#2: Painting is never going to be wrong.

Spending free times by the most favourite things to do is like a kid eats a sweet lollipop. Heaven! Most of long holiday are always often spent by painting as my favourite one. I love paintings! I was starting to love painting in my last year in senior high school. I have my own taste and perspective for the painting I love which adopts imperialism that usually is oil painting. The technics applied is almost looked like an abstract but they still have meaning if we look at carefully. When I am in the mood and having idea to paint, I never wait to have my brushes on the white canvas. I can be directly going to book store in 1-2 hours later just to spend my money on new canvas after I have intention to do so. And right now, I already had some brushes for certain purposes and some colours for some technics. You guys are true, I am on my way in learning to paint as well anyway. I always curious to have a magnifying painting like some artist did which supports me to not to stop practicing.

/my first painting/

#3: I am Flower-ing!

Next, taking care of flowers, who does not be excited? When I get home for the weekend, sometimes I go to flowers store to buy a little bouquet of flowers. I love the flowers around me, either on my room or outside my room. I have some flowers in the pots that I always take care of. They are placed in the back of my room which I can look at them when my windows are open. I hope that I will enlarge my desires to like gardening. In the future, I wish I have my own flowers store for my little business. When the passion meets the business, I believe the happiness can earn money.

/one kind of flowers i am taking care of/


16 thoughts on “#MostPreferableToDo

    first of all i like the way you wtite❤️
    omg i like painting too, i think painting can refresh our mind, by painting i can show how i fell also like when my mood is good i would like to use a bright color, do you like Van Gogh iva? i like how he draw and the color he use, his painting also contain a lot meaning hehe
    do you like to draw flower iva?
    my mom also like flower-ing iva, and i really like to go to the garden to see flowers and to take a picture of it also, maybe we can visited the garden together iva😍🤗🤗


    1. Hi erica! Thank you for giving a nice comment xx. Yes, I feel so when I do painting. I also adore your talented fingers anyways. I know him of course hehehe.
      I think we have some similar things like to do, erica. We should do that together very soon!! xx


  2. hai iva… it seems you have a great creativity. And I can see that your post is really good and interesting. Even there are some mistakes, but they are minor and I can still get your idea. And maybe you can put some pictures or other things to can make your blog much more interesting. 🙂


    1. Hi reza!! Thank you for allowing your free time to read my post and your thoughts anyways hehehhehe.
      I appreciate your suggestions, Reza. Are the mistakes in implementing grammar? I’ll do some revisions:
      1. A word describes…
      2. Books that contain…
      3. I already had some…
      4. I always be curious…
      Yes, I will add some pics soon. Thanks, Rezaaaa. 🙂


  3. Hi ivaa…
    You have an interesting things to do i think. You have unique way to show your thinking and make me easy to understand your post. Nice to know more about you, Iva…
    Can’t wait to see your next post!


    1. Halo, Rian!! Thank you so much for giving your time to read my first post hehe. I am so glad for your thoughts anyway, Rian. Catch my next posts soon!:)


  4. Hi Aktivani!
    I found your post really easy to read, I feel like I was reading one of the post from usweekly or any other magazine that have online website hahaha. You should add some pictures in your post next time, it’ll make your post more interesting and attract the other to read your writing:)
    Can’t wait to see you on your next posts!


  5. Hi Aktivani,
    What a great share! Really enjoy your writings here. I like the way you spend your leisure time with doing positive things. Anyway, I like books also, it might we have same way we like to do if we want to release our self.
    Looking forward to your next post! 😉


  6. Hi aktiva!
    Such a great piece of work you have here. You spend your time with such beautiful and positive activities. Your writing is done in the interesting way, it’s lovely. Can’t wait for your next post!


  7. HII IVAA!!
    What a really great post here! I’m totally enjoying reading your post. And all of your hobbies are great! Can you give me some recommendation for any fictioon novels you like the most?
    Looking forward to your other post and pictures of your paintings! ❤


  8. Hi aktivanii😊
    I really intersting about your things to do especially taking care of flowers that is so unique for me,, and when you write your blog i really like your style and your blogs is so understandable for me😆😆
    I can’t wait for your next post aktivani☺

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hai, Aktivani!
    I do really love what you’ve made with your post here!
    All of your hobbies are familiar to me, since we used to know each other.
    I wonder if you mind to post the picture of your painting so everyone can see how good you are in painting
    I hope one day your dream to have your own flowers store for your little business can be accomplished
    I’m looking forward for your next post, va
    See you and have a good day!


  10. Hi, Aktivani! I guess we both have the same interests here except the painting stuff, I am so excited to see your paintings. Mind if you post some of your work later? 🙂 cheers, xx


  11. Hi Iva!
    Well done! Your writing is very good and you make it neatly. Love it!
    I’m surprised to find out that you are a very creative person. I hope you can teach me gardening because I also love flowers. I’m excited to see more of your paintings too. 😀


  12. Hii Ivaa!
    I’ve read your post and it is nice. I can easily understand what you are trying to say
    I like how you express your hobbies really detailed 😀

    If you have a spare time, would you mind to visit my blog and leave a comment? Thank youu. Looking forward to your next post 😀


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